Looking ahead… a new campaign editor

3 minute read

Here at Sign-Up.to we like to bring you the best email marketing technology there is, and if it doesn’t already exist, then we’ll create it. All of the below is still very much a work in progress so details and release time frames are far from concrete, but we’re so excited about some of the new features that we simply had to start to share this news with you.


There are currently 3 options for designing emails in Sign-Up.to; Campaign Designer, Classic Editor and direct HTML input. While all have their own applications and advantages we have been working behind the scenes to make some significant improvements to the ‘create’ process. Last week we had the first internal view of a new campaign editor is (as yet officially unnamed). The new editor is a significant change both in terms of the features and the approach to creating emails.

Responsive design (that is the ability of emails to automatically adjust according to the device they are read on – desktop, tablet or mobile) is no longer just a ‘nice to have’. We’ve been building all of our new Campaign Designer templates as fully responsive for some time, but the new editor will place responsive design as a default ‘ground-up’ technology. All of the emails created in the new editor will be fully responsive by design with content automatically responding to mobile, table and desktop screen sizes and landscape and portrait orientation, both once complete and during creation.

Another principle is the extension of the drag-and-drop design principles of our current Campaign Designer, allowing a fine-grained and real time control over things like individual brand styling. It will also use themes to develop and apply consistent branding styles to specific campaigns and contain a range of new image storage, upload and manipulation features.

There’s no detailed specification or release dates yet but we know that many of you will be interested that something new and exciting is on its way – hence the sneak peak here.

I’ll keep you informed as the details become clearer, but don’t worry all of your existing campaigns will be unaffected. It’s just that you’ll have an exciting new alternative. We think you’re going to love it.