Good email design – spotlight on Tickles

2 minute read

It’s time for another good email design post, this time looking at the creative work from the team at Tickles. This series showcases some of our favourite campaigns, created through, that we hope will give you some inspiration for your own email design work. If you have an email design that you’d love us to show off please drop us an email.

Tickles is a website that offers regular money saving deals – from cinema tickets, to exercise classes, there’s something for everyone. What first caught my eye about the below email campaign was the very top of the design. The header is instantly recognisable (just look at their website!) and the most important details can be seen at eye level. The calls to action are clear and compelling and it’s all neatly contained within one section. This is likely to encourage further engagement with the campaign – such as clicks through to their website.


The other aspect of this design that caught my attention is how well they’ve used the space available to them. The right hand column tells me exactly what I need to know about the offer, in easy to read bullet points. The left contains the price details, link to their website and additional information – all written with a professional tone. Tickles approach the content of their emails really well, giving readers a clear understanding of why they should purchase and a feeling of confidence about what’s being advertised.

If I was to make any suggestions to the Tickles team it would be to include some personalisation in their emails. Even a mention of the reader’s first name might help to boost engagement and clicks through to their website. Overall though, I’m a fan of the neatness of the email and how clear the calls to action are.

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