Good email design – spotlight on Fudges

3 minute read

Welcome to this month’s Good email design blog, featuring some of the loveliest email campaigns being sent through the permission marketing platform.

This time around the spotlight is focussing on Fudges and their irresistible Spring newsletter. Fudges are a traditional bakery in Dorset, proud of their rich history and delicious family recipes. I think they’ve done a great job of communicating this homely, handmade feel through the design of their email.

Taking a closer look at the email itself, let’s break down what makes the design a success. Firstly, the overall brand identity is consistent and clear. The use of logos, typefaces and colour palette tie all the elements of the campaign together very neatly. The kinds of imagery featured, for example rosettes and tablecloths, along with the scrapbook effect in the arrangement are very effective in conjuring up a fantastic traditional picnic atmosphere for the campaign.

More practically the email is based on a fairly simple layout of tables, giving it the best chance of rendering correctly in all email clients. Also it contains clear links through to the Fudges website; both the shop section and their competition page are easily accessible through the campaign. The clever thing about this newsletter is that it is in fact a call to download the Fudges Spring journal. The journal contains a huge amount of interesting information on topics such as local market dates, seasonal vegetables, crafts and activity ideas. It would simply not be practical to include all of this in the campaign itself, so the email is actually only a taster of the content that Fudges provide their subscribers.

My only suggestion for improving the campaign would be to include links to the Fudges Facebook and Twitter pages, as they already use these channels to communicate with subscribers more frequently and informally. This could tie in nicely with their email marketing.



The Fudges campaigns are great examples of a company utilising and maintaining their strong brand identity through their email marketing. To my mind it would be a pleasure to receive something like this in my inbox every few months and I hope you agree. Seen any great email campaigns lately? Tell us about them in the comments box below!