Dear Valued Customer…

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‘Dear Valued Customer, I’m writing to let you know of some exciting changes to your account…’

I’m sure you won’t, but please, please, if you are ever tempted to start your email campaigns like this… don’t!

There’s simply nothing that makes me feel less like a valued customer.

‘Dear Tony’ (a little familiar but OK in the right circumstances), ‘Dear Antony’ (that’s OK too), ‘Dear Dr.Kent’ (I like that!), even ‘Dear Sir’, and ‘Hi there’ are all good. It may seem odd, and I’m happy that you may not agree, but for me even ‘Dear Natasha’ will do. I know it’s wrong but (as an email marketer) I appreciate that they’ve at least tried. OK, maybe that’s just me then!

But be careful. Personalisation throughout the email, even when it’s correct, can feel intrusive and just a little bit creepy. ‘I know this is right for you Tony’, ‘Tony this is a great opportunity for you’. Hmmm? Where’s that delete button?

Personalisation is so easy – in just drop the subscriber profile field code into the email text at the appropriate place and it’s done for you – I know it’s common these days, but it’s still a nice touch that shows you care!