Will Facebook deprecating FBML affect your data capture forms?

1 minute read

Facebook recently announced that they have deprecated their Facebook markup language (known as FBML) and as of June 1st 2012, FBML apps will no longer work on Facebook pages. This means you’ve now got just a few weeks to work out if this will affect your Facebook page and take action before things break!

For Sign-Up.to users, there’s only one thing we do that this might impact – data capture forms. Any forms added to Facebook pages using our new and improved Share section will be fine and you won’t need to do anything. However if you added a form to your Facebook page before our September 2011 Share update then the chances are that you did it using FBML.

If you fall into the latter category there then luckily there’s a simple solution for you. You’ll need to add your form to your Facebook page using the Share section and then remove the old FBML tab from the page. You don’t need to create a new form unless you want to, and you can make this change at any point in the run-up to June 1st to ensure uninterrupted access to your form. The sooner the better really, so if it’s going to affect you then get cracking!

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