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I thought I’d share a great email marketing expression I heard the other day – ‘wemail’ – that’s the type of email that is written along the lines of ‘we are the leading provider of household cleaners or ‘we have a great new menu.’

See the problem?

It’s really common because it’s such an easy trap to fall into (I have and still do) – after all you’re probably selling so it’s natural to want to go into raptures about how great your products or services are.



Sales coaches will talk at length about ‘value-based customer-centric selling’ and they are generally right. But if you want a simple, practical application try the ‘so what’ test. Simply place yourself in your reader’s position and ask ‘so what?’ You might need to ask the same question several times (that is apply ‘so what’ again to your initial answer) in order to really get to the nub of the value. Then rewrite your email as if to a single person and with that value point as your core message.

‘So what’ is equally valid for many situations, not just email. It sounds horribly selfish but it works because people are primarily interested in themselves not in you. Understand and apply the ‘so what’ test and you’re much more likely to grab their attention.