Top tips for boosting email interactions

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An essential part of email marketing is having the ability to develop a long term relationship with your subscribers. While you might be able to get short term subscribers, if your email content isn’t what they anticipated you’ll quickly lose them.  It’s for that reason that we decided to list our top tips to help boost subscriber interactions.

Reward customers for being loyal to you

Everyone likes to be rewarded and in this day and age discounts and competitions are more popular than ever. If you’re unable to offer discounts, why not try out a one off competition? The key is to reward customers in a way that is relevant to your business.

This form of interaction is a great way of rewarding loyal customers and at the same time will help generate some new interest in your business. Your subscribers will also feel inclined to open future emails from you, as they’ll anticipate future activities.

Create engaging subject lines

Regardless of the content of the email your subject line is likely to influence whether a subscriber opens your email or sadly deletes it. It’s for that reason that you need to carefully think about it before sending. To ensure you get the interaction you want the subject line can’t be a last minute decision.

We recommend trying A/B testing to see how different subject lines perform and within you can test up to 5 subject lines per campaign test. This tool will allow you to understand how customers respond to different words and tones. Ultimately this will give you the best chance of gaining high open rates so why not give it a go!

Personalise your emails

If you have subscriber information always try and utilise it. You can easily store subscriber details in your account and using data capture forms you can easily get the personalisation information you need. Personalisation really is the best way of gaining early engagement with your subscribers.

Starting your email with ‘Hello’ followed by the subscriber’s name adds a nice, friendly touch to your email and can really make all the difference. Why not go one step further? Perhaps you’re a retailer or restaurant chain and you have several locations. Ensure your data capture form includes a location field and then subtly communicate to subscribers that you know that information. For example say you have a customer who lives in Woking. Why not include a sentence such as “We thought we’d let you know the latest news at our Woking shop”? It’s only small but this type of personalisation can generate a real impact.

Send at the optimum time

Above all else, you need to ensure you’re sending your emails at the right time – otherwise you’ll never reach those interested in your business. Remember to look at your email results, and in your account you can view reports on how activity varies by day of the week and time of the day – essential when planning future campaigns. From our experience we’ve found sending on a Thursday morning an effective send time but every business is different and you need to tailor the send time to your subscriber’s needs and activities. Let’s say you’re a club promoter; you may find sending an email in the evening is effective whereas a retailer may see better results by sending in the morning. Interaction is all about knowing how to get a reaction from your subscribers, and the send time has a huge part to play in this.

Generate interesting content

As much as you might be trying to sell a product or service through email marketing, your message has to be smarter than that. It’s important to build a relationship with subscribers so try and be friendly and interesting instead of just using it as a way of hammering home what you’re trying to sell. Your subscribers know you’re trying to sell something but making that little bit of effort will help create a positive perception of your brand.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful. Do you have any tips for boosting interactions with customers? We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to add your comments to this post, in the box below.