Top 5 Email Marketing Don’ts

3 minute read

On the blog we talk a lot about what you can do to get the most out of your email marketing, but there are also some things that we would recommend you avoid.  Here are our top five email marketing faux pas:

1. Don’t assume that people want to hear from you
There are many reasons why it’s a bad idea to contact people who haven’t said that they want to hear from you. At best you’ll see terrible open and click-through rates, at worst you’ll receive spam complaints which can seriously affect the reputation of your business. Here at, permission marketing is our key principle. If you don’t have the agreement of your subscribers, you can’t send emails through us. Simple as that.

2. Don’t bombard people with emails
Emailing your subscribers too frequently will often result in them unsubscribing. A good rule of thumb is to contact someone no more than once a week. Obviously you don’t want your subscribers to forget about you, but you don’t want them to get sick of you either. It can often be effective to establish a regular sending routine, this will build anticipation in your subscribers and have them looking forward to hearing from you.

3. Don’t overcomplicate your campaign
Key points to consider when putting your emails together are to make your design clear and your point obvious. Don’t rely too heavily on images, as these are often not displayed by default and can cause issues with spam filtering. Keep text concise and include links to further information;  people will rarely read an essay in their inbox.  Finally, aim to keep your branding consistent. This could be as simple as choosing the right colour scheme for your email or including a logo. Check out some great examples here.

4. Don’t send out anything without testing it first
Different email clients will render your campaign differently. Be sure to test thoroughly, not only to ensure that your email looks every bit as stunning as it should, but also to confirm that it will land in people’s inboxes and not their spam folders.

5. Don’t think it’s all over once you click send
Sending your campaign is really just the beginning. Once it’s out there you can begin to see how people are engaging with your email and brand. In your account, the Analyse section can provide you with a valuable range of reports that allow you to track subscriber activity. Also remember to monitor your mail boxes and respond to everyone who contacts you, as there’s nothing more valuable than the relationships you build with your customers.

Hopefully these tips will help to keep you on the e-marketing straight and narrow, but we’d also love to hear what kind of permission marketing do’s and don’ts you swear by. Please leave us your comments below!