Time to make your emails personal

3 minute read

Let’s face it: we probably receive more emails than we’d like to. For this very reason, it’s becoming more and more important for the sender to grab the subscriber’s attention, hold their attention and ultimately, form a relationship with their potential customers. That’s why at Sign-Up.to we encourage our clients to gain as much subscriber information as possible.

Everyone receives emails that start with “Dear customer” or likewise, but where’s the thought in that? When you collect subscriber information, why not ensure you collect your subscriber’s name? The benefit of doing this is that you can start your emails with a “Hello” followed by their name. From our experience, this is a great way of grabbing your subscriber’s initial attention. Seth Godin said the following about email content.

“Don’t talk like a press release. Talk like a person. A person is reading this.”

How can you talk like a person without starting with a sense of sentiment? Other personalisation feeds you can contain within your email include month of birth. For example, what if you promote events, or you’re a restaurant owner? You may like to email subscribers who you know have a birthday coming up, telling them you’d like to offer them a birthday discount. Small gestures can aid engagement and anticipation of future emails.

Other personalisation you could include is information regarding where they live, though it’s important to be careful with this information as you don’t want to appear intrusive. Such information can be useful if you run an event around the country and you want to tell your subscribers you’re in their area. You may open a new shop and want to inform subscribers who live in the area. Through personalisation you can make your emails relevant and informative.

The important thing to remember, before even beginning to include personalisation and subsequently targeting your subscribers, is that you need to capture this information. It’s all well and good wanting to get personal with subscribers, but the information needs to be there to start with. Even if you don’t need the information now, you might do one day, and knowledge is key.

At Sign-Up.to we strongly believe in the power of a personal email and the relationship it can help develop between a business and a subscriber. If you’d like to learn more about how to include personalisation within your emails see our handy how-to guide. If you have any comments or experience with personalisation please let us know in the comments box below!