The Rundown Report: how does the planet sound?

2 minute read

The weekend has finally arrived, and it’s time to report on our top five news stories this week.

1. Tick tock, tick tock, Apple

The smartwatch market stepped up a gear this week, with both LG and Samsung announcing more devices. The BBC reports that while Apple haven’t yet announced their entry to the market, it’s anticipated to come next month.

2. How does the planet sound?

The Verge have recently reported on how researchers are listening to the various (or millions!) of sounds on planet Earth. From cattle to earthquakes and urban parks – we think this is all kinds of cool.


3. Introducing Hyperlapse – but not in the UK

This week Instagram announced the launch of Hyperlapse – a new time-lapse app available on iOS only (at the moment). It’s also only available in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa, so we can only wonder when it’ll arrive in the UK…

4. Un-friending Facebook for Twitter

Brand Republic this week reported on the shift of big brands from Facebook to Twitter, citing that higher engagement can be found on other (free) channels – such as Instagram and Twitter.

5. Kate has been ‘Simpsonised’

OK, so she’s not going to be in The Simpsons, but it hasn’t stopped Italian illustrator aleXsandro Palombo from imagining what The Duchess of Cambridge would like if she lived in Springfield.


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