The Rundown Report: marketing themes of 2014, Bebo returns, Christmas campaigns & social media

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With the festivities in full swing, this will be our last Rundown Report of the year with the top news stories of the week gone by:

1. 2014’s marketing theme reflection

From viral charity campaigns to new disruptive brands entering the market, 2014 has been a great year for marketing. Take a look at the top 10 marketing themes of the year. What themes do you think will surface in 2015?

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2. Will Bebo bounce back?

Is Bebo on the way back? Will it return to having 40 million members as it did in 2008?

3. Social media meets Christmas campaigns

With 26% of consumers reporting that social media is one of the top three ways they increase their awareness of new brands and products, and 52% saying they use social media to connect with brands, social media should be a key part of your marketing campaigns this year, and for many Christmases to come.

4. The jeans that can help protect your identity

A new clothing range launched by Betabrand will help to protect you from those who want to steal your data as you walk down the street. The high-tech range includes a pair of jeans and a blazer which both have pockets made with a “RFID-blocking fabric”, as the majority of us will be using contactless payments next year.


5. Cards Against Humanity take B.S pun literally

Cards Against Humanity, the card game company, blatantly dislike Black Friday and they have certainly mocked the festive consumerism that surrounds the day itself. Selling actual poop instead of their own products on Black Friday, they in fact sold out of all 30,000 packages in 30 minutes. What will be next year’s take on the day?

Have any other news stories caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about them.