The Rundown Report: Lynx’s big CALM, common email marketing mistakes and Burberry get festive

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Autumn is here! Take a look at our top news stories of the week gone by.

1. Campaign of the week: Lynx talk bigger issues  

Lynx have teamed up with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to promote the big issue of suicide being the biggest killer of men under 45. The campaign is encouraging people to talk. You can lend your voice to the Thunderclap and share with your social followers.  



2. How to deal with common email marketing mistakes  

Things can go wrong for anyone when it comes to email marketing, whether it’s a broken link, the wrong version of campaign is sent or website woes. This article by Business2Community is great learning for all as it shows you the best pro-active steps to take following an accidental error. 

3. Burberry do good thanks to T-Rex and their Cosmic Dancers  

This week British designers Burberry launched their festive campaign, with thanks to some celebrity friends and Billy Elliot. The brand are celebrating 15 years since the launch of the film and are also donating £500k to charitable causes in County Durham, where the film was set.  RR2


4. Does your email marketing need a revival? 

When it comes to email marketing it’s sometimes best to take it back to basics. This post by Marketing Land will help you re-think your strategy and show you how to get the most out of your email marketing.

5. Minecraft teaching kids chemistry since 2015  

The BBC reports that a group of Hull university students have created a version of Minecraft to help teach kids about molecular structures and better understand chemistry. The special version of the game is available on Minecraft’s educational library so students and teachers can get to grips with it.


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