The Rundown Report: YouTube battle it out with music labels

2 minute read

With the World Cup at large, many interesting stories have kicked off… sorry we couldn’t help ourselves.

1. YouTube battle it out with music labels

YouTube (aka Google) may remove videos by the likes of Adele and Arctic Monkeys, as the labels they belong to currently refuse to agree to the site’s new terms. Looks like they are rolling in the deep…

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2. Facebook launches Slingshot app

Slingshots’ features include sharing photos and videos with friends and sending ‘reaction shots’ back. Similar to Snapchat, all images are deleted once sent. The question is, is this just another Snapchat app? Some argue that it is better than its counterpart, but will it have the same success?

3. Social media surveillance lawful

Well hello Big Brother! The true extent of the British government’s interception of the key social channels, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, in the UK – including private messages – has been revealed. Sign us up for the next series of Big Brother!

4. Smartphone users value phones over TVs

A recent survey has revealed that smartphone owners in the UK are more reluctant to give up their phones than their TVs. It just goes to show how reliant we all are on our phones and the importance of using responsive design templates for creating mobile-compatible campaigns.

5. Poor Phil Neville receives Twitter abuse on Footballer’s behalf

Ooh awkward; hundreds of rude tweets intended for former England player Phil Neville were sent to a 60-year-old radiator salesman. Luckily nobody was hurt but Phil wasn’t envious of the celeb’s tweets.

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