The Rundown Report: A week of gaming news

1 minute read

Let’s end the working week with a quick recap on five news stories that caught our eye recently.

1. The next 30 days

It’s here! The World Cup started last night and Twitter have really geared up for the event with hashtags, snazzy features for new users and World Cup timelines. Not a fan of football? It’s time to hibernate for a while!


2. A week of gaming news

This year’s E3 conference has brought with it lots of gaming news. From Little Big Planet 3 arriving in November to Legend of Zelda on its way next year, get the full rundown over on Polygon.

3. TweetDeck services shut down

Another day, another vulnerability exposed! This week, TweetDeck was shut down after an XSS flaw was discovered. Thankfully, it quickly came back.

4. Where has all the Lego gone?

Sky News have reported about a phantom thief who has been stealing thousands of Lego blocks in various raids in Australia. To date £40,000 worth of Lego has been stolen in what the police are saying are ‘sophisticated raids’.

5. SwiftKey is free!

Good news for Android users – SwiftKey have stripped their pricing and become free for all users. With some added new features, it’s easy to customise the keyboard app, with 10 premium themes also available.

Seen any other news stories that caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about it.