The Rundown Report: Google’s driverless car

2 minute read

Is it me or has it felt a bit like winter in the UK this week? Grey days and lots of rain – let’s hope summer arrives soon!

Let’s end the week with a quick recap on five news stories that caught our eye this week.

1. Beep beep! Google’s driverless car

As far as technological developments go, this one feels pretty huge. Google have begun testing their self-driving car – a car with no steering wheel or pedals. The video is rather touching and demonstrates what it could give to people – from the ability to be with their children, to letting blind people drive for the first time. Certainly worth a watch.


2. 43% of Gmail users read email without turning images on

Litmus’ latest post details how to overcome this recent stat – are you prepared for your email to be read without images appearing?

3. The great heights of London

Eek – free runner James Kingston this week posted a rather breathtaking video of him climbing a London crane. Not only that, but he then hangs with one hand while admiring the beautiful views of London on a sunny day. Scary stuff.


4. Apple’s latest purchase

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine are about to pocket £1.8bn as Apple gear up to purchase headphone company, Beats Electronics. With only 250,000 subscribers, Apple still face a long and hard battle to match Spotify’s 10 million users.

5. Where’s the money?

In lighter news, someone has been hiding money around San Francisco and posting cryptic tweets to help find it. No seriously: read all about it here. The best thing about it? Finders are then passing it on to those who need it more.

Seen any other news stories that caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about it.