Put Some Spring Into Your Email Marketing

2 minute read

5 tips that you can implement in no time to get even more from your campaigns this spring:

– Make sure you’ve set up authentication records for your email address. This is increasingly important in ensuring good delivery of your emails. To find out how to set this up, see our article on SPF and Sender ID.

Tweak that design. The most important tweak you can make is to ensure your email campaigns get your message across even if your users don’t load images in – many email readers don’t load images by default and although people can easily click to load them you’ll encourage more to do so if they can see exactly what they’ll get first. You’ll also be helping out anyone reading on a blackberry or other mobile device. More about images in emails here: https://www.signupto.com/blog/?p=53

Test those subject lines. Good subject lines are key to good open rates. They need to be short and compelling. Try experimenting with different subject lines and seeing if you can boost your open rate.

Get the timing right. The day and time you send your newsletters can have a big impact on your results. Have a look at the tracking results for your recent campaigns and check out the ‘Opening By Hour’ graphs – these will show you when people are actually reading your emails. If you see a significant peak some time after sending, try moving your next campaign to around the time of the peak.

Prevent list fatigue. If you’re sending out lots of campaigns to different groups, it’s always possible that some of your contacts could fall in to several of your groups, and as a result be getting a bit too much email from you – as a result they could unsubscribe, or simply stop paying attention. This is easily remedied using a handy new feature. When you next schedule an email campaign you’ll see an option labelled ‘Exclude people contacted within the last:’ just below the send time. This lets you quickly exclude anyone you’ve recently emailed from getting this campaign.