Online marketing – it’s all about content

3 minute read

I think it’s fair to say that Marketing Automation is the latest trend in online marketing. We’ve certainly talked about it a lot recently, including six blog posts in the last six months! However, with all these triggered emails for different subscriber groups, going out at different times, you need a bank of interesting and relevant content that won’t go out of date within a month. The same is true if you’re looking to schedule your marketing in advance.

So what on earth are you going to talk about? Take a look at these topics that can be used as a basis for an email campaign or newsletter article at any time:

  • Announcements about the business. Customers and prospects are often interested to see the inner workings of a company they’re handing money over to. From structural reshuffles and new recruits, through to your latest team building exercise or the cakes people have brought in (our speciality), there are plenty of things to talk about. Just make sure the content you’re revealing matches your brand image.
  • Industry news. What’s happening in your industry? Letting people know and providing your own insight on the news helps position your business as an industry expert. This can help build a trustworthy brand image, which is always appealing to your prospects and customers.
  • Reference material. People probably don’t need your product or service all the time, so keeping their attention in the interim will help ensure they come to you the next time they do. Producing reference material such as how-to guides or industry insight can help keep people interested and reflects positively on your business.
  • Special offers or topical themed promotions. Sending messages that offer the recipient some kind of extra monetary value is an obvious incentive. This kind of content is really easy to adjust for your different subscriber segments too. It’s important to ensure that this isn’t your only content though, as too many offers or too significant discounts can devalue your brand.

Segmenting your subscribers using data capture forms and targeting them with Marketing Automation is a great way to keep things relevant to their specific interests. However, you need to ensure the content is valuable in itself to achieve the best results possible. Think about what you’d like to hear about as a subscriber and take it from there.