Mobile marketing is here to stay – and we’re discounting!

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The age of mobile marketing is defiantly upon us. In the UK alone, there are an estimated 65 million mobile phone users so clearly the market you can reach out to is huge. The backbone of this new mobile marketing phenomenon is the humble text message. With 6 billion messages sent in December 2007 (that’s almost 5000 a second!) it is clear that we are in love with the little mobile devices we take everywhere.

But what does this mean for you? Text, or SMS messaging to call it by its official name, can be used to reach out to a wider audience. A business can easily send coupons, vouchers, promotional campaigns and discounted offers quickly, efficiently and more importantly cheaply direct to their clients’ phones (that are never too far from their sides). It is a more instant and reliable method of communicating with customers than traditional printed material and even emails!

As a direct marketing delivery channel then the mobile phone is unrivalled in its ability to put timely promotional materials in front of clients. And it is the word timely which is important here. When sending SMS messages you have a much greater control of when your target clients will read them. Whereas emails will remain unopened until at the very earliest the client checks their inbox, or longer if they choose to leave the message or even delete it, SMS messages are generally opened immediately. This means time sensitive campaigns can be targeted much more effectively and will achieve superior response rates as a result. is a state of the art platform that not only delivers these SMS message but allows users to capture data with a shortcode. By encouraging your clients to text 61211 with their name and email address you can capture their details, build up your mailing list and send more targeted campaigns in the future for a minimal cost. Our pricing ranges from 10 to 4 pence per message with a special seasonal discount applied to bulk purchases at the moment, so check out our pricing options!

Paper vouchers and coupons have had their day, now the mobile channel makes more sense. By using unique offer codes for promotions and competitions it is possible to trace the uptake of a campaign down to the individual level. This in turn allows the creation of sophisticated client profiles for future customized marketing. From the client’s point of view, their vouchers and coupons remain on their phones and they can then take advantage of special offers simply by displaying the appropriate promotional code to the relevant person.

SMS messaging continues to surpass expectations with 1.4 billion text messages being sent in the UK every week. SMS has established itself as a true social connecting tool and continues to have mass consumer appeal, which is why it is the most exciting and promising permission marketing median to date. If you want to know more, please see our guide to mobile marketing. Alternatively if you like what you see and think it could be of benefit to you, contact us and we can get you started right away.

Olly Bloxham
Sales Executive
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