How can I grow my subscriber list?

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In this blog I’ll be focussing on helping you to grow the number of subscribers you have in your account. This blog contains helpful advice, hints and tips on how to go about this using Facebook, Twitter and other forms of advertisement to grow your subscriber base.

Buy advertising space – not lists

Instead of buying lists of email addresses, buy advertising on either Google or Facebook to gain more traffic to your website. Advertising on Facebook offers powerful targeting tools, allowing you to ensure your advert is shown to those Facebook users who would find it most relevant and interesting. If you would like to know more about this, please see my earlier blog entitled “How to use Facebook adverts“.

Give it away

Give something away to entice more subscribers to opt-in to your newsletter. This could be a new single from your band, or writing a guide on something that is relevant to your business like a guide or an ebook. As an example I recently found a website that creates a free website template each month exclusively for their newsletter subscribers. This not only would increase their newsletter subscriptions but each month they send their newsletter out with a screen-shot of their new template and where you can download it from – meaning the subscribers would be more inclined to click the link, in turn increasing their open and click through rates – just what the doctor ordered!

Do you tweet?

Use Twitter to update your followers with either updates of your business or special offers that you are currently running. If you haven’t used Twitter yet fear not, we have an excellent blog on the question that is on your lips “What is Twitter for”.

The next step would be to make your page sparkle, we wrote another blog on “Creating a consistent brand image across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube”. This has some great tips when keeping the brand consistent when designing these pages.

Now you can use TweetDeck to make it simple to contact your followers as you can post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, making this easier to manage these accounts. Another blog worth reading is “How to grow your social media presence“, with tips on how you can grow your Facebook and Twitter followers.

The running man

Catch your subscribers running by creating an auto-responder that they receive the moment they confirm their subscription for your newsletter. This can include a guide, hints and tips, or an offer a voucher for your site.

This way you don’t drop the ball when handling a new subscriber. If someone signs up at 1am they automatically will get the auto-responder immediately. This is also useful as some people could lose interest very quickly or even forget about your company if you don’t stay on the ball!

Show them what they’re missing

On your website – next to your sign-up form – place a link to previous versions of your newsletter to show the user what they’re! You should place copies of your newsletters onto your webspace so you can refer to more than just one newsletter to re-assure them to opt-in for future newsletters. More companies are doing this now as potential subscribers could become wary of what they will receive and how often, so take this step to ensure they sign-up to your newsletter.

I hope this blog has been helpful for you, please use the comments box below if you have any questions.

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