Get more from your account with sub-users

2 minute read

Who uses your account?
Perhaps you’re a business owner. Maybe a marketing manager. Possibly an email designer. Potentially you work in accounts. Or are you a social media co-ordinator?

There are many job roles that might lead you to log in to a account. As the business owner or marketing manager you probably want a triple-A pass (Access All Areas), but do you really want your email designer to be able to access your valuable subscriber data? Does your accounts representative need to be able to pick through your campaign results or update your Facebook feed? Probably not!

It’s time to stop sharing user accounts
Did you know you can create sub-user accounts so that everyone in your team has their own login? Sharing passwords among your colleagues is A Bad Thing for many reasons. I’m sure you don’t need a lecture on that! Beyond those though, there are some very good reasons to ensure everyone in your online marketing squad has their own login.

Access control
You can create sub-user accounts and lock down access only to the areas of the account holder actually needs. Restrict your email designer to Create, your accounts team to the invoices section and your social media team to Share. If you’ve got lots of subscriber data, you can even restrict individuals in your marketing team to certain data folders – perfect if you run multiple branches or fan-bases from a single account.

Audit trails
Another advantage of separate accounts is that you’ll have an audit trail which will help the team work together, vital for a joined-up marketing experience. You can find this information in the ‘Recent activity’ tab on your Home page.

Additional sub-user accounts are available to all pay monthly users. To find out more, click the settings cog in your account and select ‘Manage account’, or drop our friendly Support team a line.