Finally! Say hello to the new EU changes

2 minute read

When the new EU data protection rules come into place next year consumers will finally be favoured over business data. Soon it will be mandatory for consumers to ‘opt in’ to receive marketing messages from third parties or brands, by ticking a box as opposed to the present requirement of opting out. It is believed that consumers may be more unwilling to ‘opt in’ than they would be to select the opt out option.

We realise that next year’s EU changes to opt-in requirements for data gathering could damage many brands’ means of acquiring data, but for years at we have strongly advised our clients to create lists of opt-in subscribers to as opposed to purchasing them. We like to think we have lead the way in fostering trustworthy relationships between subscribers and the brands they wish to hear from, so companies can be proud of their data. We believe in subscriber quality over quantity and as a consequence, the resulting open rates speak for themselves. Despite some companies making the opt-out option as low-key as possible, we live and breathe the permission-based theories of Seth Godin: that it is key to realise that access to customer data is a privilege, not a right.

Recent research has identified that the majority of people give their permission for ‘something of value’ but that also provides the option of unsubscribing; the message to brands couldn’t be more clear. Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 15.28.52Have a reason for customers to sign up and make it as easy as possible for them to change their minds (but your content should be engaging so they are unlikely to leave). Brands need to personalise and tailor their offerings to each individual’s needs. Go forth and engage, engage, engage.

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