Is email design always important?

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In email marketing a lot of emphasis is put on the design of an email campaign. Ensuring the email appears correctly on mobile devices, checking it renders correctly across different email clients, and making it engaging and attractive are just a few things designers are challenged with when creating a template. The question is, is the design of an email campaign always important? Well, no, it’s not. Sometimes design just doesn’t matter.

Behind all good email campaigns is a simple plain text version. No fancy HTML, no images, no pretty colours, just basic text. However, it plays a larger part in the success of your email campaign than you might think.

What is a plain text version?

Plain text emails are, well, just plain text. They don’t include any formatting and hyperlinks cannot be created – the links are simply added as text. They sit behind the fully-fledged HTML version, and while not always seen they do supply your email campaign with a number of benefits.

Plain text version

Benefits of including a plain text version

Plain text versions serve several functions, a selection of which are listed below.

  1. It’s what the recipient will see when opening your campaign on an old device that isn’t capable of rendering the full HTML, such as an old mobile phone or outdated web browser.
  2. They’re displayed to users who have very strict networks or firewalls. In some cases security-conscious networks won’t allow full HTML emails through to email clients, making plain text versions very important for some business users.
  3. It improves the credibility of your email campaign resulting in it being less likely to end up in a spam or junk folder. Senders of spam rarely put the effort into creating a plain text version of their campaign, so the fact you do this means you care about the accessibility of your email.

Add a plain text version to your next campaign

Adding a plain text version to your next email campaign couldn’t be simpler. Most email marketing platforms should provide you with the means to add a plain text version to your email campaign, and if they don’t, it’s likely they impose a plain text version for you. Here at we make it easy to add and edit a plain text version via the Campaign Designer.

Add plain text version

When saving your campaign you should notice a text box along with a ‘Generate plain text’ button below it. Simply click this button to add your plain text and feel free to edit it in the box above if you wish. Simple as that.