Blogging for all: Bill Gates, the Pope and tweeting from space?

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Last week saw a few Twitter users in the news. Whilst we often hear of businesses using Twitter and blogging sites to promote their website, celebrities are also using these mediums to promote their message.

Firstly, Bill Gates. While he’s arguably a household name, the entrepreneur had yet to create a Twitter account. Sure, there were plenty of ‘fake’ Bill Gates tweeting, but there was no official word from him. However, the BBC reported that on Wednesday (20th January) Bill Gates launched an official Twitter feed. According to the BBC, he gained more than 150,000 followers in the first 13 hours. At the time of writing, @BillGates has just over 330,000 followers. Gates is also following 42 users, allowing his fans to gain an insight into his life. Since opening his account, Gates has used Twitter to announce his new website The Gates Notes. Furthermore, he’s said he wants to use Twitter to “share cool things I’m learning through my foundation work and other interests”.

Secondly, the Pope has made the news this week in a recent speech to priests. On Saturday (23rd January) in his message for the Roman Catholic Church’s World Day of Communications, the Telegraph reported that the Pope has urged priests to make the most of the “rich menu options” offered by new technology, declaring that they needed to recognise cultural shifts in order to reach young people. Last year, we saw a new Vatican website go live and applications for the iPhone where people can view the Pope’s speeches. Perhaps we’ll see the Pope on Twitter in the future?

Finally, TJ Creamer (@astro_tj) has become the first person to send a real-time tweet from space. According to a recent Mashable article new software aboard the International Space State has made it possible to send live tweets in space.

“Of course live tweeting from space is pretty darn cool, but we’re even more impressed with the technology that NASA has employed to make the activity possible. The beauty is that the technology will also give astronauts the ability to use the web and connect with loved ones from space in a much more real-time fashion”.

It’s now likely to see more tweets from space, but astronauts are advised that they are subject to the same computer guidelines as government employees on Earth.

Who will be next to join the world of Twitter?….