Analysing email campaign performance on mobile devices

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Knowing the most common device types (and operating systems) being used by your subscribers provides valuable information for optimising your campaign design and delivery processes.

We’ve been tracking campaign open rates on desktop and mobile devices for several years and have seen a steady growth of opens on a mobile device from around 27% back in 2011 to over 50% last year. Our 2016 figures are just being compiled (our 2016 Email Benchmark Report will be published very soon) but there’s every indication that the upwards trend in email consumption on a mobile device shows no sign of changing.

Mobile opens


If you are a customer (thank you) we can provide you with a detailed analysis of your campaigns and overall account performance in terms of both the type of device and the preferred operating system. We call it our Device Open Report. It’s customisable to your own particular needs but typical content shows your open and open rate performance against all of the most common webmail services, device types and operating systems.

Device open report

For now, you won’t find this in the standard metrics available in the ‘Analyse’ section of your account but we’ll be happy to generate this report for you. Just call your account manager and ask for your Device Open Report.