5 email campaigns we love this Mother’s Day

3 minute read

This weekend in the UK marks both Mother’s Day and the start of spring (don’t forget the clocks change!) – so marketers across the land are, of course, sending out their seasonal email marketing campaigns this week. Here are five that we’ve seen (and liked) on our travels.

1. Cath Kidston – Perfect gifts for every type of mum

The personal element to this campaign really caught my eye. The email starts with a bold image of the Cath Kidston team, followed by a couple of their picks for Mother’s Day. It’s all very in-keeping with the Cath Kidston brand, and it’s clear who has sent the email.


2. I want one of those – Had you forgotten? Treat mum to something special this Mother’s Day…

While this might not be as colourful as the Cath Kidston email, it’s inline with IWOOT’s branding; subscribers will recognise the sender and be more likely to engage with the campaign as a result. The product choices are different from ‘the norm’ and it makes for an appealing email.


3. Next – Flowers & gifts perfect for Mother’s Day!

A bold, colourful and eye-catching start to this email campaign from the Next team. The image and theme are both fitting for the season and the calls to action are clear to read. The email display flowers further down, as well as featuring other gift ideas.


4. Café Rouge – A special French recipe from our Chef!

Another bold email, with the main message of the email placed prominently at the top of the email. The styling of the email is consistent with Café Rouge’s overall branding and the copy and calls to action are short and sweet – perfect for a quick read.


5. Waterstones – Perfect gift ideas for Mother’s Day

A different take on the feminine colour scheme, but the blue background and imagery certainly stands out in this Waterstones email. There’s lots of links within the copy, as well as a clear call to action button and bright product images used. While the copy could’ve been bigger, it definitely catches the reader’s eye.


Have you seen any interesting Mother’s Day or spring themed email campaigns recently? Share them with us and we’ll add them to this post!