2013: a year for intelligent marketing. Part one – integration

4 minute read

We’re now a couple of weeks into 2013 and facing the annual challenge of every marketer: coming up with fresh ideas to expand our reach and engage our audience. With all the technology available to us and an increasingly astute general public, this year is going to be about really intelligent marketing.

In this two-part blog post I’ll be covering two marketing philosophies that could hold the keys to success this year: integration of marketing channels and clever targeting.

Why integration?

It’s increasingly important to adapt your marketing approach to integrate your website, email, mobile and social media content with your more traditional media such as print and TV, and with each other too. With such a variety of channels, there’s a need for consumers to be able to easily identify your products and services when presented in any medium. Consumers trust brands that they’re familiar with and are likely to be more engaged with your marketing if they recognise you. Consistent branding is vital, but don’t forget to keep your voice and tone consistent across the channels too.

How to integrate your online marketing

Integrate your marketing with mobile devices

It’s vital that your marketing is as mobile as your audience and this should be kept in mind when designing your website and email communications. A really simple way to be mobile accessible is to use thumb-friendly button images instead of text as links. Having a mobile optimised version of your website and making your emails responsive are also ways to improve the mobile experience.

Integrate printed and online marketing using SMS messages

While the trend in smartphone use is increasing, there are still many people who favour sending and receiving good old SMS messages. Text-to-subscribe services can be advertised on posters, flyers or menus to allow people to text in with their email address and receive emails containing more detailed information about your products and services. It’s also easy to make vouchers or discounts more portable using SMS messages.

Integrate social media with your other marketing

Having a strong social media presence can be made ever easier by integrating your social platform activities with your other marketing efforts. If you have a Sign-Up.to account, we make it easy to add social sharing buttons to your email campaigns – a fast way to extend your reach organically by allowing people to share your content. Sharing your email campaigns on Facebook and Twitter is another great way to reach new consumers as they can see what they’re missing out on.

In summary

Co-ordinating your marketing across multiple channels allows you to reach a wider audience and improve familiarity and engagement with your existing viewers. By effective targeting you can turn this engagement into monetary value. In my next post, I’ll be giving some pointers on intelligently targeting your subscribers to maximise your return on investment.

What do you think are the important marketing strategies of the year? Let us know by commenting below.