10 great things you (probably) never knew you could do…

4 minute read

We’ve been developing Sign-Up.to for over 7 years now, so it’s packed with features. So many in fact that sometimes we even forget about some of them! Here are ten of the lesser known features that we think you’ll find really useful.

Automatically check your email campaigns for common errors
Check your email campaigns for common errors like missing images, broken links and content likely to trigger spam filters. Just click the ‘Check’ button when you’re editing your email.
Add email subscription forms to Facebook in seconds
Let people subscribe to your mailing lists directly from your Facebook page. Simply create a form in the ‘Collect’ section of your account and copy the ‘Facebook tab’ code into a tab on your fan page. Click here for our tutorial: https://www.signupto.com/blog/2010/03/22/how-to-add-your-sign-up-to-form-to-facebook/
Send a quick SMS message from your desktop
Need to send an SMS to one or more people quickly? Simply click the ‘Quick SMS’ link in the ‘Send’ section, type in your message and hit send. You can even schedule it for future delivery. No need to create a list or build a campaign.
Add a subscription form to your blog with our WordPress plugin
Make sure you get the most from your blog by encouraging readers to subscribe for email updates. Simply install our free WordPress plugin (available here) and you can add a form directly into your blog, storing subscriber data in your chosen Sign-Up.to list.
Compare your campaigns with industry averages
Benchmark your campaign performance against other organisations by selecting your industry from the menu on your dashboard. We’ll anonymously compare your performance with other clients in the same industry to help you measure your success.
Track how your subscriber numbers have grown
Watch how your lists have grown! Use the ‘How many new subscribers do I have?’ report in the Analyse section to compare new subscriber growth in up to 3 lists at once, over any time period you wish.
Easily send to lots of lists by grouping lists together
If you need to send a campaign to a lot of lists at once you can quickly create a group (without affecting your original data) by clicking the ‘Create Search’ option in Send. Choose your lists, give it a name and click ‘Save’. Your selection will contain only unique email addresses so you don’t need to worry about emailing anyone multiple times.
Find campaigns quickly by searching for campaign results
Need to find a campaign you sent quickly but can’t remember when you sent it? Search by the campaign name using the ‘Search’ option available in the ‘Sent campaign reports’ section of Analyse.
Remember what you did by adding notes to your lists
If you manage a lot of mailing lists, or have other users of your account it can be very useful to annotate your lists to make it clear what they’re for. Add an internal note to your list using the ‘Add note’ option available under the ‘Options’ menu for your list (in ‘Collect’).
Build your email lists anywhere using SMS email triggers
Build your email list anywhere by letting users subscribe from their mobile phones. Using our UK shortcode, 61211, you can invite users to text in your keyword followed by their email address and then add them to whichever mailing list you choose. Great for encouraging direct responses from adverts, in-store marketing, at conferences or on table cards in your restaurant. See this article for details.