Email design – we like these

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We love great email design – you may have noticed! – so we’ve added some more of your recent campaigns to our email design gallery. Here are 3 new examples that we particularly like.


Front events – ‘Invest in the future’

Considering there’s a lot of information presented here it’s still easy to scroll and select what you need. Eye catching headings (questions are always good for compelling copy) and we’re instinctively drawn to the people images. To finish off… ‘REGISTER NOW’. For the Financial Services Expo prospects, what could be clearer?

Front Events

CIM Online Limited – ‘Stand Out’ newsletter

The CIM Online Ltd ‘Stand Out’ newsletter does exactly that – STAND OUT. Neatly set out in a traditional newsletter format the high contrast style and concise article summaries make it a joy to explore, read and click. No surprise that publishers CIM Online do it so well!

CIM Online Ltd

Escape Worldwide – ‘Focus on Malaysia’

Like the Escape Worldwide website this email is easy to navigate and full of inviting text and images that make us long for a faraway beach. Great functional design, big, bold, simple calls to action with the headline prices easy to see – that’s exactly what’s needed.

Escape Wordwide

Thank you

Our thanks go to Kirsty, Nova and Darren at Front Events, CIM Online Limited and Escape Worldwide respectively for allowing us to share their work.

If you have a campaign you particularly like… drop me a line. I’ll be pleased to add it to our gallery.