The Rundown Report: The growth of contactless, Driverless cars & Apple’s plug recall

2 minute read

In the week where we launched our new look website and 2016 email marketing Benchmark report, here’s what else has been going on in the world of technology.

1. Time spent online exceeds TV for kids

The BBC have reported new findings from Childwise that young people are spending more time online than watching television. According to their research, ownership of tablets has increased by 50% over the past year. 

2. Contactless Vs. cash

Growth of contactless payment is going from strength to strength at the moment, with Visa reporting one in seven payments are now through contactless (story from The Drum). Have you begun changing your payment habits?

Both of the above new stories were featured by our friends at IAB in their latest email campaign (sent out through the platform!).

3. Apple recalls millions of plugs

While UK and US customers seem to be OK, those in other parts of Europe, Argentina and South Korea (to name but a few) are being advised to return their Apple wall plugs over safety fears. The Independent has all the latest.


4. Driverless cars have arrived!

This week photographs of the first driverless cars in London have been released, Mashable reports. The plan is for them to begin rolling out onto the streets of Greenwich later this year.

5. Books for digital marketers

Enjoy digital marketing? Enjoy reading? Our final story of the week comes from Econsultancy, who have shared their top 8 novels for marketers. Time to get reading this weekend!

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