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Here’s how My Family Care and Olympic Holidays are reaping the benefits of connecting to their CRM and other data applications.

Integration case studies

 My Family Care – integration

Salesforce.comIntegrating with was a key element in the email marketing strategy of B2B services provider My Family Care. is the central CRM hub of My Family Care’s business so it was important that, along with other data applications such as Citrix, Live Events and the My Family Care website, were all integrated with this system.

My Family Care is a leading provider of B2B services for family friendly employment. Delivered via an online portal, Work+Family Space, My Family Care offers bespoke business solutions which combine the practical, cultural and emotional needs of both employer and employee – a framework for harmonious work and family life. With a growing female workforce and a ‘sandwich generation’ providing care for both their children and aging parents it’s an area that employers are increasingly keen to address. My Family Care’s customers come from a range of sectors, including finance, retail, manufacture and media, and scale from SMEs to enterprise organisations, P&G, Barclays and Danone to name just a few. Their business interests may be diverse but they share a common enlightenment regarding the benefits of managing a work and family balance for their employees.


My Family Care use to create and deliver all of their outbound communications, including 3 variations of their regular newsletter. With a substantial and growing database utilised across several in-house applications, a key challenge is that of data management.

The to connection is a full 2-way integration, custom tailored to fit My Family Care’s specific requirements. Campaign lists are automatically populated from, complete with the latest subscriber data from webinars and web-site downloads. This also includes additional profiling data such as industry sector which is used to segment their newsletter audience.

On completion, campaign analytics, typically opens, clicks and bounces are automatically returned to and added directly to individual subscriber profiles. This is used to provide intelligence to the My Family Care sales team and to drive automated lead scoring – a central part of the lead nurturing process. Targeting our newsletters in this way allows My Family Care to deliver more relevant content and has increased open rates from around 15% to over 25%.

Olympic Holidays – custom integration of multiple in-house applications

Working with’s integration services team Olympic Holidays set about implementing a highly integrated and automated process, custom designed to make the most of their in-house applications and data. With the marketing demands of the Trade Sales, Direct Sales, Aviation and Yield departments, more than 300,000 subscribers and over 750,000 email sends per week, it was an ambitious undertaking.

With offices in North London, Cyprus and throughout Greece, Olympic Holidays is a long established and well respected tour operator in the travel industry. From its small beginnings in the mid-1960s until now, Olympic Holidays has been constantly on sale in the UK, providing holidays to 34 Greek Islands, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, Goa, Egypt, Gambia, Croatia, Malta and Portugal.

Olympic holidays website

Olympic Holidays’ regular email output includes a range of weekly promotional and news campaigns, targeted product upsell, reminders to loyal customers of our Rewards Scheme, holiday reviews, and daily essential sales communications and offers to their community of trade partners.

With a large quantity of valuable information in their CRM and reservation systems, integration of various in-house data applications was completely central to Olympic Holiday’s strategy. This integration includes Olympic’s in-house CRM, their online reservation system and other systems like their flight extras and Partner portals.

Connecting all of this data together and making it available within is essential in order to drive all of the personalisation and automation which their email campaigns rely on. It ensures that the most up to date data that is captured in all of these systems is always available for the marketing team to use in their outgoing emails.

In addition to the standard contact details, Olympic Holidays also manage over 30 customised subscriber profile fields, capturing information like holiday and flight details and extras, each customer’s preferences and their previous interest and purchase history. This data is passed via the API directly into their subscriber database, so it’s ready to use to personalise and deliver their email campaigns.

Olympic Holiday’s integrated data environment powers a range of automated email campaigns – from targeted promotions, regular news updates to detailed booking confirmations and post-holiday reviews. All are targeted and delivered with a high degree of personal relevance and timing. At 27% and 8% respectively, Olympic Holidays’ open and click through rates are significantly higher those of the travel industry as a whole.

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