Beyond the click… Audience Insights

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Tracking subscriber engagement with your campaigns is good – but what happens next? Chances are your campaigns will direct your subscribers onwards via links to your website. Where do they go? What do they look at? What do they buy?

Audience Insights (you may see this referred to as Behavioural Targeting) is a powerful analysis tool that helps you understand and act upon your subscribers’ interests. It works by following each subscriber’s campaign interaction through to their website activity – automatically tracking their online behaviour and gathering information on their browsing habits, preferences and purchases. It takes your analysis beyond normal email metrics to provide more specific goal-based objectives based on your customers’ website interaction. You’ll have valuable insight into the type of online content they’re viewing and the purchases they’re making.

Audience insights overview

Gaining an in-depth understanding of the interests and online activities of individual subscribers allows you to adapt your future campaigns to create marketing messages which are highly personal and relevant to their own specific needs.

How it works
Audience Insights incorporates multiple steps in the Permission Marketing process. It’s initiated by adding snippets of code to your website and using cookies on the subscriber’s desktop. We then collect data from the cookie to which pages are being viewed. These pages will be tagged and will notify our platform by adding a value to the subscriber’s profile fields and retrospectively update an audience that has been created that matches the pages viewed on the website. This enables you to send targeted message based on what was being viewed on your website.

Audience Insights Example

Audience Insights is designed to capture a wide range of data in order to provide a broad level of behavioural intelligence. Because it stores captured intelligence in relation to subscribers (not campaigns) it allows insight to be gathered for each individual across a number of campaigns and over a significant period of time.

A variety of data can be captured:

  • Text based data
  • Numeric data – for example, visit or viewing frequency and the number and value of completed transactions
  • Date/Time data – last visit and last completed or abandoned transaction

The insight data is stored in profile fields for each subscriber and updated automatically in real-time. This builds into valuable intelligence which can be used to define new target audiences and make your marketing more personalised, relevant and successful.

Some other things you’ll need to know:

  • Audience Insight uses cookies to monitor online behaviour. Cookies are dropped when subscribers open emails or click links. They can also be dropped on request using a special tag on your website.
  • Tracking is activated by means of special HTML tags which are placed into the source code of your website. We’ll help you do this.

Some of the highlights of Audience Insights:

  • Gain insight to your subscribers’ affinities based on their web activity
  • Track their interest, behavioural and purchase data
  • Customise the implementation to your own specific business objectives
  • Real-time data acquisition and subscriber intelligence
  • Powerful application for segmentation and personalisation
  • Simple to set up tag-based implementation on your website
  • Configured for you within your account by our Solutions team

Here are just a couple of examples of where Audience Insights can be used:

eCommerce: Understand the product categories your customers are browsing and buying – or not! Identify opportunities for up/ cross-selling and personalise your campaigns on spend, last visit and frequency.

Publishing: Understand what topics each reader is really interested in, so you can make your updates – and your advertising – more relevant than ever before.

How do I get Audience Insights?

Because it’s a bespoke solution to specific needs and individual website environments, Audience Insights is offered as an optional service through our Professional Services team. We’ll work with you to design an implementation which best suits your needs. We can help:

  • Analyse your website to assess an optimal process
  • Create dedicated subscriber profile fields (SPF) to capture the required data
  • Organise the URLs and Audience Insight tags you’ll be using
  • Advise on the HTML tagging required to activate the feature (we’ll provide the code but for access security you’ll need to add it to your tracked website pages)
  • Design your campaigns to best drive the Audience Insight capability

We’d love to show you more, so please contact your Account Manager on +44 (0) 20 3355 2631 or email us on to find out the details and discuss your requirements.