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How to use Markdown for quick text styling

Markdown is a quick syntax for adding simple styling for HTML based text. The geeky of…

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Head of DIgital

The Rundown Report: Tales of thrones

Another week has flown by here at Whether you love it or hate it,…

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Marketing Automation

New feature: how to change your automated emails

Marketing automation is made up of three simple steps – the alert, the response and…

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IAB logo

A custom template speeds email design at the IAB

A custom template speeds email design at the Internet Advertising Bureau When the IAB switched…

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The Rundown Report: Keep on running

Another week has flown by here at This weekend it’s anticipated that the 1 millionth…

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Mobile devices

Responsive email design – mindset and mechanics

Responsive email design is a mixture of mindset and mechanics. Creating emails which are equally…

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Component selection

‘Components’ : the building blocks of email design

Structure will help guide your readers through your email content and using components is how…

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The Rundown Report: Microsoft Vs. the US government, the £270 Kindle and more!

Another week has flown by here at, so sit back as we share five news stories…

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Google analytics

Google Analytics for your email campaigns

In addition to the email campaign and form statistics available in your account, you can also gain further insight…

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Precision personalisation prevents poor performance

As usual last week’s email marketing Discovery Morning raised a number of interesting questions, for…

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MakTub virus

The Rundown Report: Friday frauds, phishing and fakes

It’s our regular Friday rundown report of news items that have caught our eye. Keep…

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Anatomy of an email

The anatomy of an email

What makes a great email campaign?  – like the human body, the perfect email campaign…

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Word cloud

7 tools to help you create perfect email campaigns

When designing your email campaigns style and layout are important, but ultimately the impact of…

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Salonwear for pets

Campaigns in the spotlight. We like this…

We’re always on the look out for email campaigns that have that ‘something’ that makes…

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Penguin thermal image

The Rundown Report: PolarFoil keeps penguins cool

Another week has flown by here at There’s just one news story that caught…

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All you need to know about analysing email performance

To accompany the publication of our 2016 email marketing Benchmark Report, over the last few…

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Null profile

Include or not include? Audiences get smarter

Custom profile fields are a great way to create precision targeted audiences for your email…

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Save as a template

Create your own email templates

When using the email editor you will have noticed that there are a number of…

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