The Rundown Report: It’s not all bad news…

It’s always a busy week here at Sign-Up.to – there’s just time to report some…

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Dynamic Content

Designing emails with Dynamic Content

Imagine an email campaign that automatically adapts to display content according to the known interests…

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Elite Business live

Integration, automation, and insight @Elite Business Live

This week we’ve been invited to speak at the Elite Business Live event at the…

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New tools for centralised template management

If you’re managing email marketing at group level then here are 4 new Sign-Up.to developments you…

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Rundown report

The Rundown Report: Tax dodgers, drones and dresses

Next week we’ll be speaking at the Elite Business Live event at the ExCeL centre…

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Personal greeting

Simple personalisation using profile merging

Despite being easy to do, many email campaigns contain little or no personalisation. Personalisation is…

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Collect insights! Building a subscriber profile

In theory, to send an email campaign all you need is a subscriber’s email address….

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The Rundown Report: it’s all about Apple this week!

Another week has flown by and the weekend is almost here! Let’s catch up with…

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Email personalisation. Let’s get started

Shhhh! There’s a simple secret to effective email marketing – relevance. Personalisation makes a campaign…

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CBG integrations

Integrated email marketing – all in one place

We’ve been talking a lot lately about data and an integrated data approach to email…

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Phishing scam

The Rundown Report: Goodbye 40 million, £10k a day in fines and digital invisibility

In the week that scientists declare that the impact of human activity has now moved…

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Subscription form

Strip it down. The simple subscription form

Less is more. It’s certainly true when starting to collect subscriber data. Here’s a nice…

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Proxima b

The Rundown Report: Proxima b, Mars and right here on Earth

It’s been another busy week here at Sign-Up.to. Here are three planet sized news stories that caught…

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Why doesn’t Sign-Up.to accept third party data?

If you enter ‘buying email data’ (or similar) into your favourite search engine, apart returning over…

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Rio (600x170px)

The Rundown Report: thank you Rio, we’ll miss you

Here at Sign-Up.to we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Olympics. As we prepare…

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Automation advances

Automated emails. Robots do it better

It’s commonly reported that automated emails typically exhibit significantly higher levels of engagement than non-automated campaigns…

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Sign-Up.to, Shopify and Magento

Of the many eCommerce applications Shopify and Magento are two of the most widely used…

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The Rundown Report: iPhone 7 rumours, Volkswagen and more!

Let’s sit back and enjoy a quick rundown of three news stories that have caught our eye…

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