Mobilise the value in your data

Connect to 100's of data applications

We’ve made it simple to connect to the services you use. There’s a wide range of free, pre-built integrations and full access to our API tools.

Pre-built integrations includes out-of the box integrations to the most commonly used data applications. Just plug in, configure to your needs and go.

3rd Party integrations

There’s more. Ready to go integrations custom built and fully supported by’s community of technical development partners.

100's more

And… our Zapier integration gives you quick and easy connection of your email environment to 100’s of other commonly used data applications.


All our integrations are built using our in-house API tools. They’re fully documented and supported and available to you for your own custom integrations.

“It’s important that our CRM and other applications are all connected. With we’ve developed a fully integrated environment across all of our in-house systems…“ My Family Care

Connect to 500+ other apps


Our Zapier connector allows you to integrate your subscriber data with over 500 other services through the Zapier service, in a fast, code-free way.

In their own words, “Zapier makes it easy for non-developers to connect their web services together, saving time and improving productivity.”

Zapier Integration
Salesforce email marketing integration
Integrate your email marketing with


Our built-in Salesforce integration makes synchronisation of your CRM and email marketing easy:

• Speedy import of your Salesforce contacts into

• Update contact history when Salesforce contacts are included in your email and SMS campaigns

• Update Salesforce contact records with details of how people are interacting with your emails

Managed integration with

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We’ve teamed up with expert Partner, and Microsoft Certified Professionals  C2 Software to provide you with a comprehensive integration between and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

• Easily generate segmented subscriber list

• Launch directly from within your MS Dynamics environment

• Append your individual email campaign results directly to your CRM contacts

MS Dynamics
ecommerce integration
ecommerce platform integrations

Shopify & Magento

Integrating your e-commerce store with your email marketing can bring substantial returns. Not only can you make customer details immediately available for marketing but you can also track sales generated from your email campaigns with our Goal Tracking features.

Our Shopify app makes it easy to sync your customer data and create automated shopping cart recovery email campaigns that will increase your e-commerce conversion rates.

The Magento plugin from Magecoders enables you to sync your customer data with, add subscription options to your checkout process and even create abandoned cart recovery emails.

Plugins for


Our WordPress plugin makes it simple to add a newsletter subscription form or competition to your WordPress powered site and capture the data directly into your account.

Simply install our plugin on your WordPress site and within a few minutes you’ll have a fully functioning data capture form integrated with your site.

We also have an extension available for Contact Form 7.

Wordpress form plugin