Driving email marketing at Honda dealerships across the UK

The Honda Hub is a custom built email marketing environment specifically designed to meet the needs of Honda’s extensive network of UK dealerships.

While traditional TV, print and online advertising is still an important strategy, email marketing allows Honda’s dealerships to create a more direct and personal level of communication with their audience. Event invitations, service announcements and the Honda EngineRoom newsletter are just some of the communications which the Honda Hub is designed to facilitate.

Honda’s commercial interests are focused through a network of sales and service dealerships, each serving local market interests while consistently representing the global Honda brand and values. Marketing through the Honda dealership model presents a specific set of email marketing challenges – how to meet the localised needs of each individual dealership while capitalising on efficiencies of scale from the organisation as a whole, all the time maintaining a consistent customer view of the Honda brand identity.

The Honda Hub – The solution is The Honda Hub – a custom implementation of the Sign-Up.to email marketing platform. Specifically designed to address the needs of a large scale dealership operation, the Honda Hub includes innovative functionality at both group and individual dealership levels.

Control Panel – At the group marketing level, the Honda Hub consists of a central control panel. From here Honda’s marketing managers can control account access and secure use of the platform by each individual dealership.

The control panel also allows the group’s marketing team to create and distribute templates – the basic design layouts for the dealers’ email campaigns. This dramatically reduces the burden on individual dealers and ensures that campaigns always meet quality and consistency standards. Each template contains editable sections, allowing dealers to locally adapt the design to their own specific needs, while other locked sections ensure the consistency of centrally required content and brand theming.

Honda templates

Dynamic personalisation – Each template also uses dynamic content personalisation. This allows the Honda marketing team to distribute pre-built templates which automatically include already completed local content like the dealers’ location, on-site team and contact details. On distribution to the participating dealerships, a series of profile fields ensure that the appropriate local content is automatically included.

Central campaign approval – The Honda Hub also provides a centralised approval feature enabling group managers to review any local changes before the campaign is sent, and includes a full analysis of the performance of all campaigns from each individual dealership.

At the local level, those responsible for sales and marketing at each dealership require just 4 basic steps to create and deliver their campaigns.

Honda 4 steps

Data – There’s a ‘data’ section containing folders and lists where customers’ details are assembled and managed. Profile information can be added for each customer allowing dealers to accurately target their campaigns according to known interest, purchase history and other service requirements.

Create– ‘Create’ is where dealers select the appropriate campaign template and adapt it to their own needs. Simplicity and consistency are two key features of this area. An intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to include and arrange blocks of content, like text and images. Pre-populated libraries of vehicle and other images are automatically included in each dealer’s account, again to speed the design process and ensure consistency of the finished result. The dynamic content sections mean that the appropriate local content is already included in the template, and the pre-set theme ensures that each campaign is consistently branded with the Honda logos, fonts and colours.

Honda overview

Behind the scenes, all campaign templates use responsive design technology. This means that the campaigns automatically adapt to different screen sizes and orientations, always giving the reader the optimum viewing experience across a range of desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

Honda campaign

Send – Once complete, the ‘send’ section connects the finished campaign with its audience list and then schedules it for management approval and delivery.

Analyse – Finally the ‘analyse’ section provides a range of tools to review how the campaign has performed. Understanding who has opened and clicked links in the campaigns allows dealers to quickly identify readers with potential interest and to assign follow up actions in their sales pipeline.

Honda civic 2017“Working with Sign-Up.to to create the Honda Hub has allowed us to provide a simple but highly professional email marketing capability to each of our dealers while maintaining a central level of creative and quality management. We’ve already deployed the Honda Hub to over 200 car and motorcycle dealerships in the UK, and we’re now looking at extending the Hub into other commercial interests”.
Matthew Jones, Dealer Marketing Strategy Manager, Honda UK.

“The performance results from our Honda Hub email marketing are consistently above average for our industry. The whole process is quick and efficient, and our dealers are able to use the results to directly identify and drive sales and service opportunity with their customers”.
Stephanie Moore, CRM Manager, Honda UK.

“The ability of our team to deliver customised, large scale agency, dealership and franchise implementations of the Sign-Up.to platform is one of our key service qualities. We’ve worked closely with the team at Honda to develop a custom solution which fits the needs at both group and dealership level.”
Tony Kent, Marketing Manager, Sign-Up.to.