email marketing discovery morning
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Email marketing discovery morning

Explore the concepts and applications of email marketing and discover how you rate in 12 key competence areas at our free workshops.

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Case Study: Internet Advertising Bureau

Accelerating email design

See how a custom email template and our unique email design tools are speeding up the email creation process for the IAB.

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IAB Email marketing case study
email marketing benchmark report 2016

How well is your email marketing performing?

Compare your email opens, clicks, delivery rates and more in the brand new 2016 edition of our email marketing benchmark report.

Email Benchmark Report

Behavioural email marketing

Audience Insights

Make your emails more relevant than ever before with Audience Insights. Understand people’s interests through the content they read on your site and which products they buy.

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Audience segmentation
Anatomy of an email

What makes the perfect email?

Structure, design and content all play an important part. We’ve dissected the 12 essential elements that form the anatomy of an email.

Email Anatomy Guide

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Subscription form

Strip it down. The simple subscription form

Published on 29 August, 2016

Less is more. It’s certainly true when starting to collect subscriber data. Here’s a nice…

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Proxima b

The Rundown Report: Proxima b, Mars and right here on Earth

Published on 26 August, 2016

It’s been another busy week here at Here are three planet sized news stories that caught…

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Why doesn’t accept third party data?

Published on 22 August, 2016

If you enter ‘buying email data’ (or similar) into your favourite search engine, apart returning over…

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The choice of leading brands

Email marketing customers
  • “ listened to our requirements and were very patient through the tender process. They won hands down based on value, technology, service and attention to detail.”

    National Trust for Scotland
  • “Combining both email and SMS for different purposes and different audiences gives us a unique set of communication options.”

  • “The technology is state-of-the art and the team at are always available with a speedy response and a consistently high quality of support – that’s really important.”

    BeSeen Marketing
  • “Using has helped me resolve a number of marketing issues. It’s been a very valuable tool in the growth of Bestival. My best recommendation is simply on how easy it is to use.”

  • “ has some very interesting functionality for subscriber profiling and content personalisation. This allows us to target specific audience communications much more precisely.”

    My Family Care
  • “We’ve gone from a limited capability to a high volume, data driven environment where email is now a central component in our marketing mix.”

    The Born Free Foundation
  • “’s Managed Service is a perfect fit for our needs. It gives us the best of both worlds – we have hands-on execution of our in-house campaigns but with the confidence that we have expert guidance along the way.”

    Paul UK
  • “In to we’ve found a very willing and capable integration partner. They clearly have the expertise needed to deliver the customised environment that we have in place today.”

    Olympic Holidays
  • “In the fast paced world we live in, it’s imperative to have a digital team that understand the landscape and that are contactable 24/7/365. With the team at that’s exactly what I’ve got.”

  • “It’s just been absolutely irreplaceable and has had such phenomenal results.”

  • “Working with we have already taken our marketing well beyond our previous capability, with much more still to come!”

    The Rainforest Cafe