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A quick video tour through the 5-step permission marketing process and how to find all the great features in the platform menus.

Before we start… about Permission

It’s the foundation of everything we’ll achieve together

What is permission?
“…the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to receive them.” Read more.

We hate spam as much as you do. That’s why we are a 100% permission-based provider. It means that with you’ll be sending anticipated, welcome communications to a fully opted-in audience. There is no other way.

Why is it important?
It’s the law. It’s also a polite and appropriate way to treat your customers. But most importantly it is the ‘secret’ ingredient which will make your marketing work. Permission is all about trust. Establish trust and your audience will engage with your campaigns and buy your products and services, again and again.

How do you get permission?
Permission is a personal relationship between you and your subscribers. It can’t be assumed, bought or transferred by a third party. So how do you get it? Simple, just ask! Take a moment to explain who you are and how you can be of benefit. Tell your audience what you’d like to send and how often. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

The Permission Marketing cycle

There are just 5 simple steps to professional campaigns

Our easy to follow process is quick to learn and will save you time and effort.

  • Collect – grow your subscribers, manage your lists, add your profiling insights.
  • Create – select your template, design your email, add personalisation.
  • Send – preview your campaign, create automated split-tests, schedule your delivery.
  • Share – engage your network, share your campaigns, manage your social posts.
  • Analyse – Review your performance, measure goals and ROI, collect audience insight.

1. Collect – build high quality data, fast


Developing high quality data is worth the effort and will allow you to deliver precision targeted, relevant campaigns to your audience.

Our unique data management tools make it easy to build detailed profiles of your subscribers, and turn data into actionable insight.

Manage multiple lists, gather new data using our form builder and our SMS service, import your existing data and use our hundreds of integrations to add subscribers from your other tools like Salesforce, WordPress and Shopify.

We’ll automatically keep your data clean of unsubscribes and bounces, and help you stay compliant with Data Protection laws.

Some things to do in Collect
Importing and managing your data
Using forms to grow your subscribers
Subscriber profiling using Audiences and Dimensions
Integrating your data applications

2. Create – stunning emails in minutes


With over 800 billion emails to compete with you’ll need something special to get your campaigns opened and keep your customers engaged.

With our easy to use editing tools you have all you need to create a professional designs to suit your every need.

No more being tied to templates – use the drag and drop components to create the structure of your layout and then add in your text and graphics. Your campaign themes make it easy to control your brand look and feel – and there’s not a line of code in sight – it’s all taken care of for you behind the scenes.

Fully mobile responsive – of course! Your campaigns are automatically optimised to look great on desktop and mobile and inbox preview and spam filter testing are baked right in.

Already have your own email coded and ready to go? Simply upload your HTML and you’re ready to send.

When you’re ready to get really personal with your customers, you can use our Dynamic Content system to create truly one-to-one email campaigns that personalise content automatically.

Some things to do in Create
Email design and responsive templates
Adding personalisation and Dynamic Content
Have a custom template built for you

3. Send – right person, right time


You’ve tested that your campaign is perfect, and tested again. All you need now is the best delivery rates anywhere in the business.

Make sure your message gets to the right person, at the right time with our market leading Audience segmentation tools. Use any of your profile data, plus factors like engagement and location to pinpoint exactly the right audience for each message.

Our top-notch delivery rates and advanced split-testing and rate throttling features will help you get to the inbox and get the best results every time.

Some things to do in Send
Previewing and in-box testing
Split-testing (A/B testing)
Scheduling and delivery
Using Marketing Automation

4. Share – the power of your network


Share makes it simple to extend your campaigns through your social networks, helping your message reach even more people.

Social media and email were born to be together. They’re like Romeo and Juliet, only with the story has a happy ending.

Share makes it simple to grow your social followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. It also lets readers easily share your content with their networks, helping your message reach even more people.

You can also automatically share your emails to Facebook and Twitter when you hit that send button. Perfect for further engagement and awareness of your company.

Some things to do in Share
Sharing your campaigns
Managing your social presence
Social media automation

5. Analyse – understand and improve


The more data you have the better your future campaigns will be. That’s why we go beyond the standard performance metrics. Way beyond.

Our advanced, real-time analytics let you see what’s working and what’s not, and gain even deeper insight into your subscribers.

From the basics like opens and clicks, through to detailed click-maps and tracking of ecommerce sales, Analyse puts a wealth of actionable data at your disposal.

We can also create a number of customised analytics uniquely for you. Ask us about device open reports, engagement histories and other bespoke reporting options.

Some things to do in Analyse
Campaign metrics. Opens, clicks and more…
How do you compare? Download our benchmark report
Behavioural profiling with Audience Insights




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