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We make the upgrade to Sign-Up.to easy

Constrained by limited features – frustrated by poor quality support – time to think again?
These are just some of the start-up services we can provide to make switching to Sign-Up.to quick and easy.

Data transfer

We’ll copy and import your data, organising it into handy folders and lists. We’ll also transfer your ‘do not contact’ list to ensure continuity from your historic campaigns.


Sign-Up.to’s form builder adds new contacts directly into your subscriber lists. We can recreate the layout and branding of your existing forms.


Sign-Up.to accepts HTML import, but why not let our designers recreate your favourite layouts as brand new responsive templates – use them again and again.


We’ll connect Sign-Up.to to your in-house data applications and, if you need some bespoke development, our Integrations Team is ready to help.

User training

If you need it, there’s a range of training options to get you up to speed – online, in person, as individuals or as part of a group. Come to us or we’ll come to you.


Even when you’re up to speed there are always questions. Our Client Success team are friendly and knowledgeable – real people who are always ready to help.

“I used MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and different services like that. It’s important for us to work with the right partners… Sign-Up.to has been absolutely fantastic…” Suzannah

Look at your email marketing differently

Many of our customers start their email marketing journey with other service providers. If you’re happy with the features and quality of service you receive then that’s great – but we think you are missing a big opportunity.

Let’s be honest , if you just want to send broadcast emails to an untargeted audience then you’re spoilt for choice.

But if you are serious about really engaging your customers and significantly growing your business then you’ll need to work a little harder, and for that you’ll need more than a ‘run-of-the-mill’ email solution.

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