Integration services

Create an integrated data environment

Our in-house Integrations Team are experienced in creating bespoke connections to a range of data applications.


Create a data-driven marketing environment.


Experienced in-house technical integrations team.

API tools

Streamlined development using our own API tools.


Tell us what you need and we’ll build it for you.

Integrating your data applications will make your marketing more efficient and productive. For small and larger businesses alike it’s a valuable step to take.

Pre-built integrations

Integrating your email marketing with your other systems lets you gain more insight, act faster and improve your results. Here are just some of our pre-built integrations. Just plug in and go. – automatically synchronise your contact data and campaign history with your Salesforce CRM system

MS Dynamics – We’ve teamed up with expert Partner C2 Software to bring you a full integration with MS Dynamics CRM.

Zapierconnect with over 500 apps

Custom integrations

Sometimes though a custom solution is required. If you don’t have the expertise or access to your own development team, we can help. We have our own in-house integrations team available to create custom solutions to meet your exact needs.

From an integration to synchronise email campaign data with your CRM system through to a complex custom-application to support a unique promotional mechanic, tell us how you want it to work and we’ll build the perfect solution for you.

All of our custom integrations are built using our own in-house API – so the whole process is quick, reliable and fully supported.


“We’ve found a willing and capable integration partner. The team embraced our objectives and  clearly had the expertise needed to deliver our highly customised environment…” Olympic Holidays

Power-up your marketing with a bespoke integration to your business apps

Case Study: Custom integration for a tour operator

Tightly integrated data applications, fully automated processes and the very latest in behavioural targeting – when it came to email marketing Olympic Holidays certainly had an ambitious vision. Here’s how’s Professional Integrations team helped Olympic Holidays make their vision a reality.

How integrated email is enhancing the customer experience at Olympic Holidays.

Download our free guide to creating an integrated email environment

A straight-forward guide - free

Data integration can be a powerful aid to making your email marketing more efficient and productive. Here’s a straight forward guide to what integration is, how an API works and some of the key concepts you’ll need to understand.

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Guide to integrations