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Enhance your reputation with email authentication

Verify your credentials

DKIM is a secure encryption feature that verifies to your audience that you and your emails are genuine.

Enhance your identity

A branded DKIM will enhance your brand by only publicly displaying references to your own company identity.

Improve your delivery

Verifying your business as a genuine email marketer will significantly improve your chances of successful delivery.

We can help you

We recommend a DKIM setup service for all accounts. Contact our Client Success team to learn more.

Email authentication establishes your credentials as a genuine email marketer.
It reinforces your brand identity and positively impacts your delivery and engagement.

Why email authentication is good for your business

Sender Policy Framework

SPF is a method which servers receiving email can use to verify that the person sending the message is indeed allowed to send emails from that domain name. It’s a small piece of text that is stored in the DNS record of your domain name which validates the originating email address of your message. When a system receives email from you, it checks this record against the details of the server that sent your message.

DomainKeys Identified Mail

DKIM is like an encrypted digital signature which can be used to verify the credentials of email traffic. It works by using a private domain key to encrypt your domain’s outgoing mail headers, and adding a public version of the key to the domain’s DNS records. Comparison of the original and received headers is used to check that your email comes from your domain and that it hasn’t been changed along the way.

Let us help you set up your DKIM authentication

Standard Domain Keys

Authenticate your emails with’s own domain and sender reputation.

We take great care of our sender relationships and reputation, so identifying with this will be of direct benefit to you in terms of delivery. Depending on their email client your audience may see your emails as sent by ‘on behalf of’ yourself.

Standard Domain Keys is created as a default provision for every user.

Basic Custom DKIM

Enhance your brand identity by authenticating with your own ‘from’ address domain.

The security benefit is largely the same as the Standard DKIM. However, reinforcement of your own brand as the sender of your campaigns offers an improved inbox experience for your recipients which can result in elevated open and engagement rates.

Basic Custom DKIM is offered as a free upgrade service to all Sign-Up. to customers.

Branded DKIM

Take full control of authentication and delivery with your own custom domain.

Completely remove references to from URL items like forms, tracking links and your unsubscribe page. This further reinforces your brand as the sole owner and sender of your messages and focuses delivery success entirely on your own reputation and best practices.

Branded DKIM is offered as an optional service by our Client Success Team.