Grab a coffee and take the 6 minute grand tour

In just 6 minutes we’ll show you the main features of the platform.

– The user interface and menu navigation
– The 5 basic steps – Collect, Create, Send, Share and Analyse
– Adding new subscribers and managing your data in folders and lists
– Designing your campaign using the free format email editor
– Previewing, testing and scheduling your finished campaign
– Analysing your performance results

 “In a short period of time I have already used almost every feature. It’s just incredibly easy to navigate through…” Mobility Choices

The Self-Service platform - at a glance

We call it the Permission Marketing Cycle – repeating this cycle each time will help you continually improve your campaign performance.

Easy to use is based on a simple 5-step process.

Check circle

1. Collect

Grow and manage your email subscribers.


2. Create

Design and test your campaign layout.


3. Send

Select your audience and schedule delivery.


4. Share

Extend your campaign via your social networks.


5. Analyse

Review you campaign performance and value.


The Self-Service platform - in more detail

Need more detail? No problem. Explore each of the four sections below to find more detail about the features.


Read more about collecting and organising your subscribers.

Subscriber data


Read more about designing and testing your email campaign.

Email design


Read more about targeting, scheduling and analysing your campaign.

Campaign execution


Read more about some of’s more advanced features.

Advanced features

Payment options is easy to budget for and pay

Monthly subscription

Easy to budget monthly payments based on the number of subscribers that you hold in the system.

Email credits

Or… flexible pay-as-you-go email credits based on the number of messages that you send.

SMS credits

And… add pay-as-you-go SMS credits at any time to expand your communication options.

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