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What makes the perfect email campaign?


The essential elements of an email

Like the human body, the perfect email campaign is an optimal combination of purpose, form and function. With email, elements of structure, design and content all play an important part in getting your audience to notice, understand and interact with your message.

We’ve dissected the 12 essential elements that form the anatomy of an email and created the essential guide to building effective emails.

Topics included:

This guide is structured based on the 12 ‘anatomical’ elements of an email. In each section you’ll find out how that element works, why it’s important and practical tips for implementation.

  1. Planning your campaign
  2. Sender recognition
  3. Subject line
  4. Layout
  5. Style and branding
  6. Headers and headings
  7. Content
  8. Personalisation
  9. Call to action
  10. Signature
  11. Footer
  12. Plain text version

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  • Permission – what is it? The law. How do you get and use it?
  • Data management – building high quality email subscriber lists
  • Email design – if, how and when is design important?
  • Delivery – how to optimise your chance of successful delivery and open
  • Analysing performance – which metrics to use and what they mean
  • Data integration – linking email marketing with other data applications
  • Marketing automation – how to create automated campaigns
  • Subscriber profiling – forget data, think usable ‘insights’
  • Personalisation – from simple to more advanced campaign personalisation
  • Capability – bringing it all together

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Anatomy of an email