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The guide to email analytics


Understand your campaign performance

Using analytics to measure your email marketing gives you a fantastic opportunity to learn about your customers and improve your communications. However, to get the most from analytics you need to understand the real meaning of certain key terms and how they are calculated.

In this free 13-page ebook we look at how email marketing analytics are captured, what statistics you’ll see, what they mean, why they matter and how you can put all of this data to use to make your marketing even more effective.

You’ll learn about the real benefits you can get from putting email analytics to use, including:

  • • Identifying your best prospects to prioritise your sales efforts
  • • Finding the optimum time to send your campaigns for maximum results
  • • Fine-tuning your subject lines to boost your open rates
  • • How to use averages to benchmark your campaigns
  • • Maximising sales by studying goal data

This download is no longer available.