Practical training on the platform


Training afternoons are perfect for anyone looking for practical guidance on using the platform. No more theory – this is hands-on, structured training, designed to help you get to grips with both basic and advanced platform features.

The cost is £149 (ex.VAT) to register – this covers registration for up to 2 attendees from the same company.

Training afternoon

Training Afternoon schedule


Location: London, UK (near Piccadilly Circus, W1)
Time: 2:00pm – 4:30pm

2017 dates

Thursday 2nd February 2017 – registration is now closed 
Thursday 16th March 2017 – registration is now closed 
Thursday 27th April 2017 
Thursday 1st June 2017
Thursday 13th July 2017
Thursday 14th September 2017
Thursday 26th October 2017
Thursday 7th December 2017

Who should attend?


Just curious – thinking about using See it in action for yourself.
New users – a great way to kick-start your journey.
Improvers – consolidate the basics and find out about advanced features too.

Book your place

Registration is £149 ex.VAT
– this covers up to 2 attendees from the same company.

Session 1 - The basics

  • Introduction – basic steps and navigating the platform.
  • ‘Collect’ – creating a web form to collect new subscribers.
  • ‘Collect’ – organising subscribers into folders and lists
  • ‘Create’ – building a campaign using the responsive email editor.
  • ‘Create’ – saving and previewing your finished campaign.
  • ‘Send’– scheduling your campaign for delivery.
  • ‘Analyse’ – using metrics to review campaign performance.
  • Next steps – refining your future campaigns.

Session 2 - Advanced features

  • ‘Collect’ – building a more detailed subscriber profile
  • ‘Collect – using Dimensions and Audiences for precision targeting.
  • ‘Collect’ – integrating with your other data applications.
  • ‘Create’ – email personalisation – from simple to Dynamic Content.
  • ‘Send’ – split-testing to compare different campaign variations.
  • ‘Send’ – targeting your campaign delivery using Audiences.
  • ‘Send’ – marketing automation for welcome and birthday campaigns.
  • ‘Analyse’ – understanding and using subscriber interaction.

By the way… Discovery Mornings


Just in case you’d missed it – our Training Afternoons are an optional extension to our popular Discovery Mornings.

Discovery Mornings are the same date, same place but in the morning!

Discovery Mornings take place between 10:00am and 1:00pm and provide a guided tour of best-practice techniques for anyone involved in email marketing – whatever platform you are using. If the Training Afternoon is the ‘practical’ then the Discovery Morning is the ‘theory’. Discovery Mornings are free to attend – so if you’ve arrived here first looking for practical training why not add the Discovery Morning to your schedule too.