Using Google Analytics to track what email subscribers do next

1 minute read

If your email campaigns are driving readers through to your website, teaming up your email campaigns with Google Analytics can give you valuable insights into what they do next.

Email analytics allows you to see who clicks which links within your email, but it won’t tell you want happens next. By adding Google Analytics tagging to your links you can get a more detailed picture of what clickers go on to do on your website – even through to total sales generated.

If you’ve already got Google Analytics installed on your website then all you need to do is add Google Analytics parameters to the links in your email campaign, so that when a user arrives on your site from the link, it knows to attribute that visitor back to your email campaign.

You can either do this automatically using (just tick the box in the save dialogue when creating your email), or by manually creating the links. Google provide a free URL builder tool for constructing these links which you can access here.

Once done, within Google Analytics you’ll be able to segment your email traffic by source (email) and by campaign (the specific email) and then use this to identify the actions of visitors to your site that came from these campaigns.