Using geolocation for targeting online sales promotions

1 minute read

Free delivery offers can be a powerful incentive for customers, but if you sell globally this can pose a problem – often it’s only viable to offer free delivery in your home country or region – or shipping costs will quickly eliminate your profits.

You don’t want to alienate customers by sending them an offer they don’t qualify for, so geo-targeting can really help here.

For example, if you’re offering free UK delivery this weekend, then send that offer to just your UK customers. You could also run a different promotion targeting your international buyers if you don’t want to leave them out.

If you’ve been growing your e-commerce site’s email list then you’ll no doubt have lots of subscribers who haven’t yet purchased from you, and so you don’t know where they are yet. Not a problem – with’s Audience profiling it’s possible to approximate their location as long as they’ve previously opened one of your emails,  simply create a dimension for the location subscribers should be in to receive your message and will do the rest.