Precision targeting using Audiences

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Audiences is the industry leading segmentation tool from which makes targeting precise interest groups from your database simple, so you can make your marketing more relevant than ever before. Using Audiences you can now define and segment your subscribers with seven dimensions of precision, enabling pin-point targeting of your messages.

Seven audience dimensions

Use dimensions to understand and profile your subscribers.
Create dynamic audiences by combining multiple dimensions.
Use your audiences to deliver highly targeted communications.

The 7 dimensions of precision


Reward your most loyal customers and reactivate subscribers who’ve stopped interacting with you. With our engagement scoring, it’s easy.

Our unique engagement algorithm tracks subscriber behaviour to understand how engaged people are with your brand. Using factors including opens, clicks, transactions, length of relationship and more we calculate a score which gives you an accurate measure of each subscriber’s engagement relationship with you.

Engagement applications


Whether you want to invite local customers to an event, or target a free shipping promotion for your store to customers in qualifying locations, our geo-targeting tool makes things point-and-click simple.

Simply use the map to select locations to include or exclude. Choose a country, city or town, or select a radius from a certain point. Even if you haven’t collected address data from your subscribers we can use IP data to approximate their location. Anywhere in the world.

Geo location targeting


Send a special offer to your top spenders, a voucher to readers who’s birthday is next month, or a points update to loyalty card holders who’ve transacted in the last week. With profile targeting the only limit is your imagination.

Use any data you’ve captured – for example, birthdays, dates, transaction values, product preference to segment your audience. Combine multiple profiling options for even greater precision.


Send a message to your newsletter subscribers who aren’t on your customer list with a special offer for their first purchase, or make sure your CEO’s big announcement reaches all of your contacts.’s uniquely flexible list management means you can combine or exclude lists for specific campaigns without affecting your original data, and without danger of sending to the same people multiple times.


Avoid accidentally over-communicating and fatiguing your contacts.’s frequency limiting makes it simple to filter out people you’ve contacted recently. Just set the time period you’d like to exclude and send your campaign as normal.

Simply choose the time frame – from half a day to two weeks – and we’ll automatically exclude people you’ve contacted in that time from your mailing.

Frequency filtering

DateSubscription date

The subscription date dimension allows you to precision target your campaigns to audiences according to when individual subscribers were added to specific lists within your database.

Subscription date targeting is perfect for individually timed sequences like reminders and renewals. You’ll be delivering the right information at the right time for each of your subscribers.  

DomainEmail domain

Use email domains to selectively target all of your subscriber email addresses within a specific company domain, for example target all those with email addresses of the domain type or

Use it to automatically include or exclude specific organisations or domain types from your campaign delivery.

Applying your Audience

Your Audience is applied at the time you send your campaign. Just select your list, the email campaign you want to sent and then apply your Audience definition. The Audience acts like an additional filter, automatically including or excluding subscribers from your selected recipient lists.

Combined dimensionsRemember – dimensions can be used to either include or exclude the associated subscribers, and they can be used individually or combined to create more complex targeting definitions. Best of all, once set up, audiences are dynamic, so your new subscribers will be automatically included or not according to their characteristics.