Using pop-over forms to get more subscribers

1 minute read

Grow your subscriber list by using pop-over forms to proactively ask for subscriptions on your website. Pop-over forms appear over the top of your website content, usually displaying after a visitor has been on a page for a specific amount of time.

Pop-over form

They can be very effective at encouraging visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. They’re highly visible, so we’ve found they commonly get well over twice the number of subscriptions that forms embedded within a page do. When creating a pop-over form there are a few things to remember:

  • Choose a suitable time-delay before the form appears, so that visitors have a chance to engage with your content. We’ve found 12-15 seconds works well for most sites.
  • Use a cookie to stop the form appearing again for visitors who’ve already seen it. You could make this permanent or set a time delay (for example not to appear for 30 days).
  • The usual rules of good subscription form design apply.

How to create a pop-over form in

  1. Use the Form Builder to create a form and then copy the URL of the form
  2. Download our pop-over for code here.
  3. Then update the URL and settings and add to your site following the instructions in the “read me” file.
  4. Test that your form appears. That’s it – you’re done!