Get new subscribers in store

2 minute read

If you run a retail outlet then getting opt-in from your customers when they’re on your premises is a great way to build a really effective list, and gives you plenty of opportunity to get those customers coming back for more!

To maximise your on-site data collection, remember these key tips:

  • Keep the information you ask for to a minimum – only ask for details you really need.
  • Prominently promote the chance to subscribe – use posters, display cards, notices at the checkout – anywhere you can.
  • Incentivise people with a discount or special offer to make subscribing worthwhile.
  • Explain to people roughly how often you’ll be in contact and why they’ll benefit.
  • Make sure your staff understand the promotion, and encourage/incentivise them to get sign ups.
  • Once you’ve collected data, use it to contact customers as soon as possible so they remember signing up!

There are many different ways to gather opt-in:

  • Paper forms. Simple to implement but there will be issues with reading people’s handwriting and making sure you enter data in a timely fashion.
  • SMS text-in. Create an SMS text-in service so that customers can send an SMS with their email address to join your list. Allows you to instantly respond and removes the need for you to do any processing.
  • iPad/tablet data collection form. Have this by your point of sale or anywhere where customers are likely to be loitering and let them type in their details directly.
  • QR-codes – only kidding, they’re a horrible way to interact with customers. Avoid at all costs.