Fill your empty tables using SMS

1 minute read

Filling your quiet periods – whether that’s restaurant covers or guests in your bar – can make a big difference to your profits.

Often you can plan in advance and use email, social and offline techniques to boost trade. However, when you need to react quickly, SMS is a great option. You can send out an offer to your loyal customers in seconds, and be sure that they’ll read it within a few minutes of receipt.

With SMS marketing, simple is effective. Create a compelling offer that your contacts can redeem by showing your text message in your venue – or simply by showing up at the times you specify. Perhaps an extended happy hour, or a free drink with a main course.

SMS is very immediate – so it’s ideal for last minute offers and promotions that are happening that day or the next – if you’ve got longer than 48 hours, then email is probably a better option.

A few important things to remember when running last minute SMS offers:

  • Keep them special – don’t bombard your contacts, keep the frequency to a reasonable level
  • Make the offer compelling – give people a good reason to react and tell them what to do
  • Identify yourself – make it clear who the message is from!