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The Self-service platform

Enabling businesses of all sizes to easily and effectively communicate with their customers via email and SMS.
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Grow and manage your subscribers

Great data is the foundation of all great e-marketing campaigns so we’ve designed all of the tools you’ll need to import, build and manage your subscribers.

Your subscribers

Target, deliver and analyse your campaign

Designing your email is just the start. To be successful you’ll need to target, automate and optimise your campaigns. includes all the features you’ll need.

Ready to send

Create the perfect email layout

We’ve made it easy to create stunning professional quality email layouts with a minimum of effort and without specialist design or coding knowledge.

Create your email

Scale up and out with confidence is designed to scale as your requirements expand. Features like behavioural profiling, multiple user management and data integration are there when you need them.

Advanced features

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DIY platform options

Monthly per subscriber

Monthly billing based on an unlimited number of email sends per month. Pricing bands are based on a maximum number of subscribers held in the system.

Email monthly

Monthly billing based on a limited number of email sends per month. Pricing bands are based on a maximum number of email sends per month.

Email Credits

Simply purchase flexible pay-as-you-go credits for email sends and top them up whenever convenient. Pay-as-you-go email credits have no time expiry.

“ has been a very valuable tool. We would recommend using it to anyone… my best recommendation is simply on how easy it is to use.”…” Bestival

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